Papa Crow in a Snowstorm

Northern Michigan singer/songwriter Jeff Krebs was drawn to music at an early age, starting at age four on the ukulele and picking up guitar a few years later. By his teens he was writings songs and performing, going on to travel the country and record with various bands. Jeff performed in clubs, busked streets and subway stations, played flea markets, Irish pubs, biker bars and street fairs. He released a few solo albums along the way, and after years of roaming settled back in his home area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Jeff discovered the diverse, engaging world of kids and family music about the time his first son was born.  Jeff was soon writing kids songs and had plans for a family music album, performing for kids at churches, libraries, daycares, schools, and festivals, and calling himself Papa Crow.

Papa Crow released “Things That Roar” in 2011, an album of fourteen original kids and family songs. The process was homemade: Jeff recorded himself on the computer, using minimal equipment set up in a spare room of his house. Friends with various talents (percussion, voice, slide guitar, etc.) were invited over late at night when the boys were asleep to add tracks to Jeff’s songs. In all, fifteen friends and family members played on the album including Jeff’s sons, niece, nephew and brother-in-law.

Since its release, “Things That Roar” has been very well received in the family music world, earning positive reviews and getting airplay on many children’s music programs throughout the US. The album was cited as one of the best kids music albums of the year by Time Out New York Magazine, The Fids & Kamily Music Awards, Zooglobble, Out With The Kids, and other media outlets, going on to be awarded a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor.

The follow-up to “Things That Roar” is “Full Moon, Full Moon”.  This woodsy song cycle loosely follows a day in the life of a kid in the outdoors and is chock-full of fireflies, campfires, heartbeats, full moons and a billion stars.  Papa Crow has also released two EPs: What Was That Sound? and Their Heads are Green and Their Hands are Blue.

Papa Crow is also a ukulele fanatic and has conducted many kids (and all-ages) workshops on the uke.  He loves to spread the good vibes of music and hopes to meet you down the road.