New video: “Moving to the Beat”!

I’m pleased to present this video from WOW Animation for “Moving to the Beat” from the “Full Moon, Full Moon” album.  WOW Animation is a local youth program which teaches animation, storytelling and puppetry.  Two program participants, Steven Sanderson, age 11 and Daniel Politi, age 12 did the cool stop-motion animation to this video!  Thanks to the WOW Animation program at the UP Children’s Museum for making this video come to life!

New EP: Their Heads Are Green…

and Their Hands Are Blue (and they went to sea in a seive)!  I’m excited to announce new music available today!  It’s an EP (mini album) and it’s called “Their Heads Are Green and Their Hands Are Blue”.  Lemme explain…

Their Heads Are Green and Their Hands Are Blue EP cover.

Their Heads Are Green and Their Hands Are Blue EP cover.

I became facinated with the “nonsense” poetry of English writer Edward Lear (1812-1888) awhile back and quickly wrote music to five of his famous poems.  You may know Mr. Lear from his most famous work, “The Owl and The Pussycat”, which has been read to children for generations.  When I set to write music for the poems, I decided to sing them exactly as they appear on the page.  Also, for an extra challenge, I decided to record them live in my home studio; that means no overdubs.  This recording is just my 1947 Gibson LG-3 and my voice, with a microphone on each.  Included here are two shorter pieces, “Calico Pie” and “The Owl and The Pussycat”, as well as three longer ones: “The Jumblies” (my favorite, and the EP title is from the chorus), “The Pelican Chorus” and “The Courtship of the Yonghy Bonghy Bo”.  It was a challenge to record them all live to get the right feel, especially on the longer ones (especially the Yonghy Bonghy Bo song, which has 110 lines–it took 54 tries to get that one!).  These playful, imaginitive poems still bring delight to all ages, and I’m happy to bring them to your ears!

It’s ‘plentiful and cheap’ to quote Mr. Lear.  Download it today for $5 here:

or on iTunes ($4.95) by searching “Papa Crow Album” or click here:

You can also see a video of “The Owl and The Pussycat” made with the help of my son, Billy here:

Thanks as always–I hope this brings joy to your home!





“Full Moon, Full Moon” Funded!

Full Moon Full Moon

Success! “Full Moon, Full Moon” was successfully funded in a PledgeMusic campaign! CDs have been made and the official release date is the full moon of October 8, 2014.  You can still pre-order CDs by sending $15 via paypal to (add $3 for non-US addresses).  You can pre-order a download at for only $8.99–click HERE for that deal!  I’m getting great response from the great folks who pre-ordered, and I hope you’ll want a copy for your family!



Pre-Order the New Album “Full Moon, Full Moon”!

Hi all,

I’m so excited to announce that my second full-length kids & family album is almost done, and you can pre-order it now HERE!  I’m working with PledgeMusic to bring you this album, and I also have great Exclusives to offer in this campaign, including signed and personalized CDs, homemade t-shirts, original artwork, signed ukuleles and even concerts!  A portion of the proceeds once goal is met will go to Oxfam America, a charity I feel great about supporting.  I know this album will be an important one for your special little one.  I couldn’t do this music without YOU, so thank you for your consideration!

Please be a part of this album by clicking here, and please share this with your friends!

Papa Crow’s New Favorite Music

Folks, here are some newer albums that are completely amazing that have been released in the last year or so (in no particular order). My family and I love love love these albums, and I hope you get a chance to check them out!

Red Yarn: “The Deep Woods”
Frances England: “Paths We Have Worn” and “Blink of an Eye”
Dean Jones: “When the World Was New”
Alastair Moock: “Singing Our Way Through” Grammy Nominee!
Justin Roberts: “Recess”
Pointed Man Band: “Swordfish Tango”
Dan Zanes & Elizabeth Mitchell: “Turn Turn Turn”
Lunch Money: “Spicy Kid”
also we’ve been loving Natalie Merchant’s lovely 2010 album “Leave Your Sleep”…
oh, oh, oh, and the grown-up album we’ve listened to hundreds of times because it’s just so dang grooving: “The Electric Lady” by Janelle Monae!

Holiday Update: New CD!

Hello Friends,

I’ve had a great year sharing music with kids and families and am pleased to announce a new CD available this Wednesday: “What Was That Sound?”. This CD is a short album—only five songs. The theme of this mini album is farts. Yes, this is the first fart album for kids ever made (as far as I know). I’ve been playing these songs (like “Fart Like A Pirate” and “Barking Spiders”) over the past year and the response with kids has been great! Silly stuff indeed! Here’s a link to two of the songs for you to hear (also a few from “Things That Roar” as well):

Speaking of “Things That Roar”, I’m very pleased to announce that earlier this year my debut album won a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor. Response to that album has been just wonderful and I’m so happy that it has found its way to so many kids and families.

Of course it’s that gift-giving time of year, and I’m hoping that my albums can be found in a stocking or under your (or your loved one’s) tree. Now through the end of the year you can get both of my CDs together for $20 shipped (US only). Individually, “What Was That Sound?” is $5 and “Things That Roar” is $15 and please add $2 per CD for shipping. I’ll sign copies if you wish—just let me know how you’d like it. You can send a check (or well-concealed cash) to

Papa Crow c/o Jeff Krebs, 130 E Crescent, Marquette, MI 49855

or use paypal (credit card ok—my paypal email is Within the next week or so my new album will appear on, and itunes, but as an independent musician it makes a difference if you purchase directly from me. Easy downloads are available on the above sites too!

2013 will find me continuing to work on my full-length album “Full Moon, Full Moon”. Several tracks are finished (and sound great!) and I’m lucky enough to have special guests such as Kaivama, Kerry Yost and Liat Tova Lis spicing up my tunes. I have a second mini-album in mind too—either songs about monkeys or sharks (I’ve written some of each). I’m also going to be out there performing at festivals, concerts, libraries, etc. If you’d like to bring me to your area, please give a holler. Performance schedule and lots of info can be found here at  I would really appreciate it if you would follow me on facebook and/or twitter!

Thank you and all the best from my family to yours!

Papa Crow