Stefan Shepherd – Zooglobble

I praise the willingness of musicians to follow wherever their idiosyncratic muse takes them, and by that measure, few kids musicians would receive higher praise than Michigan’s Jeff Krebs, aka Papa CrowClick link for full story.

Rebecca Yorn Alison – Kids Can Groove

Extensive interview here!

Stefan Shepherd – Zooglobble

If the first album sounded a little bit like it was recorded in the middle of a Michigan winter, this new album has a sunnier, more expansive feeling, like it was recorded over the course of some long Michigan summer days with many friends.  The album is made with evident care and craft, and will again appeal to families who are fans of Frances England, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Dan Zanes, artists who originally inspired Papa Crow.  This album which celebrates the outside world is a worthy successor to both of its predecessors — more so the debut than the cheekier EP — and worth checking out regardless of how well you know his music.  Definitely recommended. Click link for full story.

Warren Truitt – Kids’ Music That Rocks

The songs on this release speak to the entire family, they’re accessible to kids while still being intelligent, and they’re catchy as hell. Let’s hope the Kindie Rock world hears more from Papa Crow in the future. Click link for full story.

Jennifer – Swing Whistle Zing

Wrapped up in the themes of family, nature, fun, wonder and love, Papa Crow invites everyone to join relax, grab a marshmallow for roasting and warm up by the fire together. If you love the notion of escaping into the woods, sharing a cup of hot cocoa with your grandad and peacefully watching fireflies—then Full Moon, Full Moon is not to be passed by, you may even be able to find a moment of escape right there in your car in the middle of the city. Click link for full story.

Jeffrey Cohen – MrJeff2000

Dan Zanes opened the door for acoustic folk music for children. Frances England accepted that invitation across the country. The Okee-Dokee Brothers took their invitation all the way to the Grammys. FULL MOON, FULL MOON is delightfully unplugged and extends the invitation down to the campsite, on the banks of the Escanaba. Click link for full story.

Keith Glendon – Notes from the North Coast

Full Moon, Full Moon is loosely Papa Crow’s musical interpretation of a day in the life of a child from sunup to sunup. Weaving the fun and the silly with the beautiful and poetic, he has pulled together a story in song that will delight the entire family. Those of us whose lives have been infused with and touched by the natural world, life in the northwoods and the love of togetherness will smile and sing along with every track. Click link for full story.

Stefan Shepherd – Zooglobble

There’s no better way to make sure old farts like me (see what I did there?) don’t get too comfortable with your musical output than to follow up a warm-hearted album for cold days (Things That Roar​) with an EP of fart songs for families.  It’s still warm-hearted, but the 5 tracks here are silly, too.  Papa Crow (AKA Michigan’s Jeff Krebs) even mocks his gentle folk troubadour persona by converting one of the songs on the first album to “All The Things That Fart.”  And “Fart Like a Pirate” might just be the best fart song ever.  Songs about flatulence have to be a bit transgressive, but not too much so (for a family audience), and What Was That Sound?​ deftly negotiates that line.  Some of the songs on the 11-minute album can be heard at Papa Crow’s Soundcloud page.  Definitely recommended.  (Glad I got that out of my system.) Click link for full story.

Gina Jacobs Thomas  – Full of It

Parents’ Choice Silver Honor award winner Jeff Krebs has written a children’s music mini-album that’s bursting with hilarity.  A short five songs, 11 minutes in total, the tunes certainly make kids a bit giggly.  Any song that gives my children permission to say fart judiciously is a song worth keeping in our library. Click link for full story.

Jeffrey Cohen – Mr. Jeff 2000

Farts are musical. No, it’s true. Ask Michigan’s Papa Crow, who just released a five-song CD, WHAT WAS THAT SOUND? Click link for full story.

Renee Prusi – The Mining Journal

– “What Was That Sound?” is the new mini-CD from award-winning musician Papa Crow, the musical nom de plum of Marquette’s own Jeff Krebs. The answer to the title’s question is the four-letter word for flatulence, a word incorporated into the titles of three of the five songs on the disc.

“It’s the first album of fart songs for kids and families,” Krebs said in an email. “I’ll admit it’s not as groundbreaking as Newton (or Steve Jobs) and the apple but it breaks new, er, ground nonetheless.”  Click link for full story.

Lahri Bond – Parents’ Choice Awards

“Things That Roar” is designated as a Silver Honor recipient!  Click link for details.

Gregory Keer – Family Man Online

“Things That Roar” gets an honorable mention in this “Best Albums of 2011” post. Click on link for the full article.

Stefan Shepherd – Zooglobble

Papa Crow’s debut album comes in at #16 on this end of the year list.  Zooglobble also named it as one of the Top 10 Debuts of the year here, among the best album packages here, and has a nice mention and link to the youtube video of “Little Drummer Boy” here.  Click link for Zooglobble’s top family albums of 2011.

Jeff Bogle – Out With The Kids

“Things That Roar” is chosen as the #6 Kids and Family album of the year!  Out With the Kids also chose the songs “If I Cry” and “The Peek-A-Boo Waltz” among the Top 52 of the year!  Click link for details.

Jeff Bogle – Time Out New York (Best Kids’ Albums of 2011)

Papa Crow’s Jeff Krebs roars softly onto the scene with a majestic collection of hushed, acoustic songs perfectly suited for a lazy weekend morning. “Peek-A-Boo Waltz” is bound to become a musical family heirloom.  Click link for full list and to hear selections from all the great albums of 2011 (including my favorites Todd McHatton, Alastair Moock, Frances England, Dan Zanes, Caspar Babypants… well I pretty much like all 15 acts!).

Bill Childs – Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

“Things That Roar” makes Spare The Rock’s Top 10 list for this year’s family music CDs!  Click link for the full list.

2011 Fids & Kamily Music Awards

“Things That Roar” earns an honorable mention in this poll.  Click link for full results.

Gregory Keer – Family Man Online

“Things That Roar” marks the debut of Papa Crow, aka Jeff Krebs, a Michigan-based mutli-instrumentalist with an easy-going style that clicks with young listeners (and older ears, too). Layered with Krebs’s straightforward folk vocals and his ukulele, guitar, and banjo-playing, there’s much to crow about, including such songs as ”Baby Makes Three” (with a kazoo solo at the end!), ”The Peek-a-Boo Waltz,” “Polar Bear in a Snowstorm,” and “When I Grow Up.”  Click for more from Family Man Online.

Myles McDonnell – You Know, For Kids

So I’m happy to report that the debut CD from Papa Crow (the recording moniker of Michigan-based singer-songwriter Jeff Krebs) belongs right up there with the latest Dan Zanes release.

Things That Roar feels like the ideal album to listen to with a toddler or infant—though my six-year-old loves it, too!—on a sleepy, snowy winter afternoon. It’s nothing fancy, just (quietly) one of the year’s best kids’ CDs. I’m really glad I’ve had the chance to hear it. Click on link for full review!

Jeff Bogle – Out With The Kids

The vocals are, as you’d expect, hushed, and the guitars picked and plucked acoustic for the most part. There’s not a lot of trickery and zero slight of hand on “Things That Roar”.  This is a tranquil album of darling soft rock crafted to gracefully dance with the steam rising from your mug of English Breakfast tea, bowl of homemade oatmeal, and slice of fresh, still-toasty apple crumb cake.

If you value that image, you’ll cherish Papa Crow.  Oh yeah, your kids will love it too.   Click link for full review!

Stefan Shepherd – Zooglobble

It’s not just a guy and a guitar — it features (among other things) accordion, banjo, sleigh bells, and a couple nice duet turns by Kerry Yost. Krebs has an appealing voice himself and shows off some nifty guitar and ukulele work on songs like “Polar Bear in a Snowstorm” and “Ukulele.” And if “Chicken Lips” doesn’t become a minor radio hit, I’ll be sorely disappointed.  Click link for full review!

Jeff Giles – Dadnabbit

What we have here is 14 tracks of bucolic, sun-kissed kindie folk, gathered together in a sprightly 32-minute album that rolls along with relaxed, gentle energy. It’s full of acoustic guitars, ukulele, and warm, honeyed vocals, plus the odd kazoo, toddler duet, or baby’s laugh — just the sort of thing you want playing during a driving singalong or impromptu kitchen waltz. It’s as beautifully, elegantly simple as this video: (Papa Crow “Welcome to the World”, youtube). Click link for full review!